Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin!

Tonight we celebrated Austin's 15th Birthday! Tomorrow is actually his birthday, but since tomorrow will be a late day with a band performance, we decided to celebrate today. Fifteen years! Whew. Where did the time go?

I think my son is pretty amazing and here are some of the reasons why:

He is funny. I mean "really" funny. Like Robin Williams Funny!!!
He is energetic.
He is talented! He plays a mean sax and an incredible guitar.
He is animated. Totally into character; changing from one minute to the next.
He can leap tall building in a single bound.
He is handsome.
He is inquisitive.
He is sensitive.
He is honest.
He is loving.
He is loyal.
He is good.
He is kind.
He is trustworthy.
He is quick on his feet.
He thinks fast and has great one liners.
He is very intelligent.
He love God with all his heart.
He is good to his brother.
He is good to his friends.
He wants to please everyone.
He is adventurous.
He is imaginative.
He is a dreamer.
He wants to go to Julliard in New York City and I think he will.
Oh and did I tell you how funny he is. He makes me laugh every day!

He is my pride and joy and I love him so very very much.

Happy Birthday Austin! You make Mom and Dad VERY PROUD!

Till Next Time,


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