Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Wishes!

Well another year has come and gone. It's funny, I don't feel 48 years old. Well except for when I throw my legs over the side of the bed at 5AM, to rise and shine. LOL Inside I still think and feel just like I did when I was in High School and then I pass by a mirror and holy cow, I see my Mother! Yikes! All kidding aside, I can't complain. I have a wonderful life. I am truly blessed with a wonderful family, awesome children, a loving husband and just about everything my heart desires. Some days are rough, but hey who doesn't have rough days. They can't all be perfect right! All in all, I love my life and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Many thanks to all of you for the warm and wonderful Birthday Wishes. They really made my day!

Hugs and more Hugs!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TOOT TOOT! Published Again!!

Check it out! My Space Ship layout has been featured on the GCD Studios Blog!!! (scroll way down in the post) Too exciting!! I just love seeing my name up in lights!

I love GCD Papers. They are so fresh and inspiring and their papers feel amazing! Yep, you gotta touch them. They feel like linen. Head on over to the GCD Blog and check out their 25 Days of Christmas Celebration. For the next 25 days they will be featuring an awesome line up of layouts and ideas, sure to inspire you!

Happy Scrappin' Y'all

Monday, November 30, 2009

Musical Genes..who would have thunk it!

Never in a million years did I think that there might be a musical gene in our gene pool, but man were we ever wrong.

Austin got it from some where? But who? I guess it doesn't matter really, but let me tell you this kid has got it going on! He not only has a love for music, but he is also pretty darn good at too. He has been playing Saxophone since the 6th grade and has been working very hard to improve his skills and remain consistent. That is pretty hard to do for a teenager, considering all the other distractions going on inside his head. But he has managed to not only keep up but to also excel. We are very proud of him for having done so.

He chose to continued his music in High School, and I think he has actually figured out that he has a gift and is willing to work very hard to develop it. Something clicked this year. Not sure what......Hmmm maybe it was all that Marching Band practice on those hot summer days beginning in August that unleashed something in his brain! LOL.

But anyway, for starters, he made first chair saxophone in Clear Springs High School Band. Quite an accomplishment for a freshman; having beat out other incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the process.

Then, recently he tried out for Regional Band and while he didn't make the cut (they only take the top 3) he did get 9th chair. That sure was a confidence builder for him, knowing that of all the Freshman saxophone players in the region, he was in the top 10.

And finally, of all the freshmen that tried out for Region Band at Clear Springs, only he and one another student placed high enough to be recognized. I think that is amazing. All his hard work paid off! Of course, we have to thank his private lesson teacher, Mr. Newton for all his hard work bringing Austin to this level of play. Thank you Curtis for your inspiration and encouragement! You Rock!!

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In addition to the sax, Austin also plays guitar. He started out with a cheap starter electric guitar and it wasn't long before we realized that his playing was for real. His teacher Eric Tatum is an awesome classical and flamenco guitarist and he has inspired Austin to challenge himself with some classical techniques. Well, two more guitars later and he is budding into quite the guitarist. I am amazed at how easily and fluidly he plays and how quickly he learns each new technique.

He started out loving the rock and roll but has since turned his heart toward the classic sound of a Spanish guitar. I am told that it is not easy to pick the strings with your fingers, but Austin picked up this technique after one lesson and he hasn't looked back yet. He just gets better and better everyday. I definitely can see him headlining at our favorite Mexican Food Restaurant in the near future! LOL

You know, as a parent we look into the future of our children and pray that they will make all the right choices; choices that will honor God and lead to a life of happiness and contentment. I want that for Austin! But I do know that God has put this musical gift in his heart and I know that he is preparing him for great things. I don't know if he will ultimately make a living playing his music, but I am certain of this....Music will always be a part of his life. It is in his spirit and woven into the fabric of his soul.

My prayer for Austin is that one day, his music will make a difference in the lives of many and that maybe someday it will change the world.

Way to go Austin! Keep up the hard work and dedication. Mom and Dad love you so very much!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Day With The Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans!

The boys got to go to the Texas vs. Colts game today at Reliant Stadium. They had a blast. When the got there the first got to hang out and tailgate with our friends ( and the boys Private Sax Lesson instructor) Curtis & Debbie Newton . Curtis has an awesome tricked out Texan's Truck that he takes to the games. They had an opportunity to interact with some Texan's fans and this made their game day experience so memorable! Thanks Curtis & Debbie!!!

Wyatt couldn't wait to get into the stadium to check out the seats and let me tell you they had great seats. They were on row L in the end zone and this gave them an up close and personal view of the Colts as they warmed up. Here are some of the pics of the our favorite QB Peyton Manning warming up and a few shots of the game.

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I watched the game from home and it was a very exciting game! I can only imagine what they were experiencing. The boys said it was so loud in the stadium and they were on the edge of their seats. Of course the Colts pulled out the win in the end thank goodness! I don't know if I would have been able to live with Wyatt had they not.

What a wonderful blessing it was for the boys to be able to go to the game, tail gate with friends and celebrate the win of their favorite team!!! Go Colts!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Junkie Design Team Layouts

Well I finally got around to taking pictures of the last Junkie Design Team assignments. I had forgotten to do so before turning them in and just hadn't been to the shop with my camera to get a photo of them until today. So here they are:
The first layout features the new Papers by We R Memory Keepers Geo-Hectic collection. It was perfect for this layout featuring Mickey on the job. I loved the cardstock stickers that went with this line of papers and I added some "screw head"and shiny flat brassy brads to finish off the geo-techy look.

In the second layout I got to use some wonderful vintage style papers from Graphic 45 Christmas Past collection. Add to that some gold mirror cardstock, bling, velvet ribbon and a new gold Prima Poinsettia flower and this layout glistened like a holiday tree. I love how it turned out.
As this holiday week approaches I hope to have more time to scrap. The kids are off from school so that means no homework and free time in the evenings. Now if I could just stay off Farmtown I could get some scrappin' done!
Till next time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Turkey Time Again!!!!

As we approach the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS I thought you might enjoy this turkey recipe!

1 whole turkey
1 large lemon, cut into halves
salt and pepper to taste
butter or olive oil, whichever you prefer
Heat oven to 350 degrees

Rub butter or oil over the skin of the turkey until it is completely coated.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper and any other seasonings you prefer.

Take a knife and gently separate the skin from the breast meat;

Slide lemon halves under the skin with the peel side up, one on each side. This way the juice from the lemon will release into the breasts.

Cover and bake for 30-45 minutes. Remove cover and continue to roast until juices run clear, basting every 15-20 minutes. If you've followed these steps correctly, your turkey should look like the one in the picture. (TOO FUNNY!!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Football Season's Over, while bittersweet it means More Scrappy Time!

That's Wyatt in the white jersey; #61.

Well football season for Wyatt is over. Yesterday was his last game of the season. Unfortunately their team, the Victory Lakes Panther 7th Grade B Team, struggled this season. But they still did manage to pull out 3 wins. Wyatt plays Center and he had a great year. As usual he was consistent and played with all his heart. There were so many kids on the team this year that sadly many of the boys didn't get much playing time. Wyatt, however, did. He played first string offense in every game and even got to play some first string defense (something he has always wanted to do). Overall, he did very well.

He says he isn't sure that wants to play next year, but he says that every year. He will play again; I know he will. Football is woven through every fiber of this kids being. It's stamped in his DNA. HE LOVES THE GAME. Just ask him. Wyatt can tell you who played in every single Superbowl in history, where it was played, who the teams were, what the score was, who the quarterback was, and who the MVP was. He knows more obscure Football trivia than the NFL commissioner himself (I would lay money on that) and he can give you a play by play of every Superbowl played to date. He has an amazing memory and knows this game.

Wyatt's favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts (I wholeheartedly agree) and he is a die hard fan. Wyatt bleeds Colts Blue and White. Seriously folks, it borders on an obsession.

But anyway, he is an amazing kid and I want to take this opportunity tell you just how proud I am of him. Wyatt you are an amazing young man and I congratulate you on a great season. I know you will be back next year. You may not know it now, but I do. You CAN'T NOT PLAY.

While the end of this season is bittersweet, I will miss watching him play, it does mean I will have more scrappy time! Yay!!! Instead of having to sit for an hour and half at the field in the evening, waiting for practice to end, I can now get home at an earlier hour, we can eat dinner at an earlier time and I will have more free time to scrap. Of course, if I get all my harvesting and plowing done in Farmtown and Farmville that is. (I am totally addicted to those stupid games.) My goal for the rest of the year is to try and get an hour of scrapping in every evening. I have many gift project that I need start and finish for the holidays and I am really feeling some creative juices bubble up. My BFF Theresa and I got to scrap this past Sunday and we had a great time. It left me wanting to do more.

I know I haven't posted many scrapping pics lately because of our busy schedule, but I wll be posting this past month's design team projects soon. They turned out really great. But I deleted the pics accidentally and have already turned in my projects. It may be few more days before the pics go up. Maybe this weekend I will go by the shop with the camera and take some pics to post.

My oldest son, Austin, who plays in the Clear Springs High School Charger Band will be finishing up the marching season soon too, (I will blog more about that soon.) and that will free up Friday and Saturday evenings for scrapping too. I can't wait. The holidays are rapidly approaching and we are entering into my most creative season of the year. I am looking forward to blogging more and sharing many of my projects.

Till Next time....
Go Colts!!!
Go Victory Lakes Panthers!
Go Clear Springs Chargers!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Walking on Prima Sunshine

Check out these wonderful picks from Prima. It's a ray of sunshine!!! Love all this stuff.

Today's Picks Include:
Tropics Paper-840976
New Alpha Letter Stickers in Orange and Yellow-531096, 531102
Trellis Roses in Orange and Yellow-533144, 533151
Jewel Box Butterflies-532376
Say It In Pearl Centers-530679
Sultan Centers in Autumn Gold-535094
Gypsy Petals in Burnt Orange and Goldenrod-531621
Donna Downey Wildflower Iron-On-920234
Country Elegance Hydrangeas in Orange-533465
Parlor Petals in Sunflower Yellow-534423
Crystal/Pearl swirl in Burgundy-530471
Gossamer Wings in Dark Orange-533953
Medicci Flowers in Orange-532949

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin!

Tonight we celebrated Austin's 15th Birthday! Tomorrow is actually his birthday, but since tomorrow will be a late day with a band performance, we decided to celebrate today. Fifteen years! Whew. Where did the time go?

I think my son is pretty amazing and here are some of the reasons why:

He is funny. I mean "really" funny. Like Robin Williams Funny!!!
He is energetic.
He is talented! He plays a mean sax and an incredible guitar.
He is animated. Totally into character; changing from one minute to the next.
He can leap tall building in a single bound.
He is handsome.
He is inquisitive.
He is sensitive.
He is honest.
He is loving.
He is loyal.
He is good.
He is kind.
He is trustworthy.
He is quick on his feet.
He thinks fast and has great one liners.
He is very intelligent.
He love God with all his heart.
He is good to his brother.
He is good to his friends.
He wants to please everyone.
He is adventurous.
He is imaginative.
He is a dreamer.
He wants to go to Julliard in New York City and I think he will.
Oh and did I tell you how funny he is. He makes me laugh every day!

He is my pride and joy and I love him so very very much.

Happy Birthday Austin! You make Mom and Dad VERY PROUD!

Till Next Time,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have you Hugged Your Girls Lately?

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Have you hugged your "girls" lately?

Breast Cancer. Those two little words have had a huge impact on my life. In November of 2007 I had a routine mammogram and an abnormality was detected in my right breast; atypical ductal hyperplasia is what they called it; effectively one stage removed from cancer. In February of 2008 I had surgery to remove that abnormality. I thank God everyday that it wasn't cancer...yet. But, had I not had the routine screening and had I just skipped my exam, it is very likely that with the passing of time I would be telling a different story today.

Not long after my surgery, my best friend Theresa (who is in her mid 20's) discovered a lump in her breast and unfortunately, hers was cancer. I will never forget the day when she told me the news. My heart skipped a beat as I held my breath and we both cried. Her journey after that fateful day has been long and arduous, but I am happy to report that today she is a Survivor and is Cancer Free! She is an amazing woman and supporting her on the road through her cancer treatment has taught me so much and has affected me in so many ways:
  • I have learned about true strength and determination.
  • I have learned about true love, support and encouragement.
  • I have learned to put things into perspective and to not sweat the small stuff (even if I still do sometimes, I have grown.)
  • I have learned about unwavering faith and about the blessings that come wrapped in a cancer wrapper.
  • I have learned what is important and what is not.
  • I have learned, by watching her, about true grace and beauty that comes from within.
  • I have learned that there are still many very good people in the world; complete strangers even, that are willing to lend a hand of support and encouragement.
  • I have learned that in this life you should make every single day count.
  • I have learned about true friendship and what it means.

My brush with Breast Cancer changed my life; but Theresa's Breast Cancer changed me even more. I love my friend and I thank God everyday for her friendship, but more importantly I thank God that she is cancer free.

In honor of Theresa's journey will you PLEASE examine your own breasts TODAY and remind your friends to do the same. Schedule that mammogram that you have been putting off. Make the call. If you won't do it for yourself, or for me, or for Theresa and millions of women just like her, maybe these statistics will convince you:

Death rates from breast cancer have been declining since about 1990, with larger decreases in women younger than 50. These decreases are believed to be the result of earlier detection through screening and increased awareness, as well as improved treatment.

Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women,

The chance of developing invasive breast cancer at some time in a woman's life is a little less than 1 in 8 (12%).

About 192,370 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in 2009.

About 62,280 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS) will be diagnosed (CIS is non-invasive and is the earliest form of breast cancer) in 2009.

About 40,170 women will die from breast cancer in 2009.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer.

The chance that breast cancer will be responsible for a woman's death is about 1 in 35 (about 3%).

At this time there are over 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. (This includes women still being treated and those who have completed treatment.)

American Cancer Society,

Susan G. Komen for the Cure® recommends that you :

1. Know your risk
Talk to your family to learn about your family health history
Talk to your health care provider about your personal risk of breast cancer

2. Get screened
Ask your health care provider which screening tests are right for you if you are at higher risk
Have a mammogram every year starting at age 40 if you are at average risk
Have a clinical breast exam at least every 3 years starting at 20, and every year starting at 40

3. Know what is normal for you and see your health care provider right away if you notice any of these breast changes:
Lump, hard knot or thickening
Swelling, warmth, redness or darkening
Change in the size or shape of the breast
Dimpling or puckering of the skin
Itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipple
Pulling in of your nipple or other parts of the breast
Nipple discharge that starts suddenly
New pain in one spot that doesn't go away

4. Make healthy lifestyle choices
Maintain a healthy weight
Add exercise into your routine
Limit alcohol intake

Thanks for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Camping Layout

Have you seen the new Camped Out line of papers by Bella Blvd? How about SEI Playday/Tickles? These papers coordinated so well for this Camping layout. I love how they complemented each other. Not sure who makes the chipboard trees and the little wooden leaves (which came raw but I painted with Making Memories Acrylic paints), but they added a nice touch. I had a great time adding texture to them by wrapping the trunks with rope. This complemented the flocking on the SEI paper very well. The stickers are from the new Boy Scout Line from K and Company. Yep, they have a brand new Scouting line that just came out. I picked up the slab over at the Scrapbook Junkie. Don't you just love it when a layout comes together nicely!

Oops! Now wait a did this picture get in here. This handsome young man is my nephew Trent. He is very intelligent, has a great sense of humor, is one of my prides and joys and YES ladies...he is single!! (Not that I am trying to play match maker or anything LOL!)

Till next time.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

September Junkie Project

I finished up my Junkie Project for the month of September.

It was so much fun. This month the design team got to pick out what we wanted to work with. My choice was a new line of papers designed by Stephanie Hunt for Bella Blvd called Plastino. I loved the colors and flowers and wanted to do something whimsical. Our challenge was to make a Wall Layout on a piece of sheet metal using a photo of ourselves and a wooden letter magnet. This project will be displayed in the Junkie Store Window. We got to do a canvas a while back and this project is to replace the canvas that is already on display.

I had never worked on sheet metal so it was going to be fun!
We also got to choose a coordinating bling and flower from the new Prima lines! I was in Prima Heaven. Seriously, have you seen all the new Prima Flowers? They are to die for! Of course I went Prima crazy and couldn't stop with what was given to me and added more of my own. I love the new Prima vines they are awesome. The paper twisting on the flower stems is something I saw Donna Downey do on one of her art pieces on her website and I had to try it. She is so inspiring.

I also wanted to share with you a project that I did a while back for the Junkie that I hadn't posted. I had forgotten to take photos of it to post and finally did so this weekend.

This project was completely inspired by Donna Downey! I took her class a few months ago when she taught at The Scrapbook Junkie and I had a blast. She is one talented lady. I learned so much in her class and had such a wonderful time. So when Beth asked me to put together a mini album using some Canvas sheets she had gotten in and some stencils I jumped on the chance. I took the opportunity to use all the creative techniques Donna taught us. I used modeling paste, gesso, gel medium, water color, acrylic paints and even pulled out my embossing powders and heat tool. If you ever have an opportunity to take a class by Donna Downey you absolutely must! You will learn a ton and have a blast.

So here is the project. I hope you like it! The papers are by Basic Grey and the flowers are from Prima.

Things have been very busy around my house so I haven't had much time to keep up with the blog, but I haven't stopped blogging. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Check out these Prima Product Picks!!!

Check out these wonderful new products from Prima. Aren't the delicious!!!

Fleur Danseur: These vintage flowers are absolutely stunning with the gem centers!

Pebbles: Patterned pebbles are perfect for a flower center or as an embellishment on your project.

Say It In Pearls Butterfly Swirl: These are totally feminine and precious! These swirls can be applied to almost ANY medium!

Holiday Lights Pearl Vine: Lovely vines filled with peach-colored pearl beads.

Gypsy Petals: Layers of yummy fabric with lightly singed edges and a gorgeous center.

Fleur Danseur:Sweet flowers made with fancy fabrics and complete centers.

Baroque Blooms: like large flowers? These are perfect for a fab focal point or an altered project!

Say It In Pearls: These centers will add class and elegance to any project!

Romani Flowers: These gorgeous flowers include a combination of beautiful fabric and pearls!

Trellis Roses: Sweet roses that look freshly picked!

Felt Stems: Just add flowers for a fabulous look!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Junkie August Design Team Layouts!!

Despite a sick birthday boy this weekend, I still managed to complete my Junkie Design Team Layouts. This month I got to use some awesome new papers from GCD Vintage Boy Collection and BoBunny's Delilah Collection.

Take a look at the rich colors of Fall mixed with pretty pastel pink; all my favorite colors. Not to mention the beautiful die cut papers. I just love this line. The letters in the title feature some Heidi Swapp Acrylic letter. I love these things. I just adhered pattern paper to the back of the clear acrylic letters, inked with chalk ink and voila! I added a little felt trim around the die cut paper for accent. Flowers, always a must on all my layouts, top off the page. This is one of my favorite layouts!

The GCD Papers are wonderful too. If you haven't picked up any of the GCD Papers yet then you are really missing something. Their textures are unlike any on the market today. The Vintage Boy Collection not only has the feel of linen, but it is also embossed. I loved the little rockets so much and I really wanted to make a statement with them so I fashioned my own paper piecing pattern and made my own super-sized rocket embellishment. I love how it turned out. If you want to make one like it, let me know and I will send you a drawing that you can cut out and use as a pattern to make one for yourself. For the title, again I used Heidi Swapp Acrylic letters dressed up with pattern paper plus some Making Memories Passport chipboard alphas. I added a few Jolee planet stickers to add to the space theme and I think it topped the layout off nicely.

I was happy to complete these layouts because next week school starts and I am going to be pretty busy. I do have one more project to complete so stay tuned; I will be posting it soon.

Until Later,

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Wyatt!!!

It was about this time 12 years ago today that I gave birth to my sweet baby boy Wyatt. Weighing in at 9 pounds 15 ounces and 22 inches long, (whew he was a whopper) I knew immediately that he was a special boy! Since that day the time has flown by so fast. He says he is not a baby anymore, but of course, Momma knows better; he will always be MY baby.
I think my son is pretty amazing and here are some of the reasons why:

He is strong.
He is healthy.
He is EXTREMELY determined.
He loves loves loves the Indianapolis Colts.
He loves loves loves football.
He knows the game of football, forward and backward, backward and forward.
He has an amazing memory.

He can tell you what teams played what Superbowl, where, what year and what the final score was AND who the MVP was that year. Really...try testing him....he will amaze you!

He knows tons of obscure football trivia.
He plays amazing guitar.
He plays amazing saxophone.
He is kind.
He is thoughtful.
He is polite.
He is sensitive.
He is loving.
He is loyal.
He is extremely intelligent.
He is extremely organized.
He is hard working.
He loves to collect Indianapolis Colts Memorabilia.
He loves God with all his heart.
He loves his brother, although some days I wonder.
He knows and respects the power of Prayer.

I could fill volumes telling you about why he is so special. But suffice it to say he is one amazing kid!

Happy 12th Birthday Wyatt.

Your Dad and I love you very much and are very proud of you!