Monday, November 30, 2009

Musical Genes..who would have thunk it!

Never in a million years did I think that there might be a musical gene in our gene pool, but man were we ever wrong.

Austin got it from some where? But who? I guess it doesn't matter really, but let me tell you this kid has got it going on! He not only has a love for music, but he is also pretty darn good at too. He has been playing Saxophone since the 6th grade and has been working very hard to improve his skills and remain consistent. That is pretty hard to do for a teenager, considering all the other distractions going on inside his head. But he has managed to not only keep up but to also excel. We are very proud of him for having done so.

He chose to continued his music in High School, and I think he has actually figured out that he has a gift and is willing to work very hard to develop it. Something clicked this year. Not sure what......Hmmm maybe it was all that Marching Band practice on those hot summer days beginning in August that unleashed something in his brain! LOL.

But anyway, for starters, he made first chair saxophone in Clear Springs High School Band. Quite an accomplishment for a freshman; having beat out other incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the process.

Then, recently he tried out for Regional Band and while he didn't make the cut (they only take the top 3) he did get 9th chair. That sure was a confidence builder for him, knowing that of all the Freshman saxophone players in the region, he was in the top 10.

And finally, of all the freshmen that tried out for Region Band at Clear Springs, only he and one another student placed high enough to be recognized. I think that is amazing. All his hard work paid off! Of course, we have to thank his private lesson teacher, Mr. Newton for all his hard work bringing Austin to this level of play. Thank you Curtis for your inspiration and encouragement! You Rock!!

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In addition to the sax, Austin also plays guitar. He started out with a cheap starter electric guitar and it wasn't long before we realized that his playing was for real. His teacher Eric Tatum is an awesome classical and flamenco guitarist and he has inspired Austin to challenge himself with some classical techniques. Well, two more guitars later and he is budding into quite the guitarist. I am amazed at how easily and fluidly he plays and how quickly he learns each new technique.

He started out loving the rock and roll but has since turned his heart toward the classic sound of a Spanish guitar. I am told that it is not easy to pick the strings with your fingers, but Austin picked up this technique after one lesson and he hasn't looked back yet. He just gets better and better everyday. I definitely can see him headlining at our favorite Mexican Food Restaurant in the near future! LOL

You know, as a parent we look into the future of our children and pray that they will make all the right choices; choices that will honor God and lead to a life of happiness and contentment. I want that for Austin! But I do know that God has put this musical gift in his heart and I know that he is preparing him for great things. I don't know if he will ultimately make a living playing his music, but I am certain of this....Music will always be a part of his life. It is in his spirit and woven into the fabric of his soul.

My prayer for Austin is that one day, his music will make a difference in the lives of many and that maybe someday it will change the world.

Way to go Austin! Keep up the hard work and dedication. Mom and Dad love you so very much!!!


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