Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Football Season's Over, while bittersweet it means More Scrappy Time!

That's Wyatt in the white jersey; #61.

Well football season for Wyatt is over. Yesterday was his last game of the season. Unfortunately their team, the Victory Lakes Panther 7th Grade B Team, struggled this season. But they still did manage to pull out 3 wins. Wyatt plays Center and he had a great year. As usual he was consistent and played with all his heart. There were so many kids on the team this year that sadly many of the boys didn't get much playing time. Wyatt, however, did. He played first string offense in every game and even got to play some first string defense (something he has always wanted to do). Overall, he did very well.

He says he isn't sure that wants to play next year, but he says that every year. He will play again; I know he will. Football is woven through every fiber of this kids being. It's stamped in his DNA. HE LOVES THE GAME. Just ask him. Wyatt can tell you who played in every single Superbowl in history, where it was played, who the teams were, what the score was, who the quarterback was, and who the MVP was. He knows more obscure Football trivia than the NFL commissioner himself (I would lay money on that) and he can give you a play by play of every Superbowl played to date. He has an amazing memory and knows this game.

Wyatt's favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts (I wholeheartedly agree) and he is a die hard fan. Wyatt bleeds Colts Blue and White. Seriously folks, it borders on an obsession.

But anyway, he is an amazing kid and I want to take this opportunity tell you just how proud I am of him. Wyatt you are an amazing young man and I congratulate you on a great season. I know you will be back next year. You may not know it now, but I do. You CAN'T NOT PLAY.

While the end of this season is bittersweet, I will miss watching him play, it does mean I will have more scrappy time! Yay!!! Instead of having to sit for an hour and half at the field in the evening, waiting for practice to end, I can now get home at an earlier hour, we can eat dinner at an earlier time and I will have more free time to scrap. Of course, if I get all my harvesting and plowing done in Farmtown and Farmville that is. (I am totally addicted to those stupid games.) My goal for the rest of the year is to try and get an hour of scrapping in every evening. I have many gift project that I need start and finish for the holidays and I am really feeling some creative juices bubble up. My BFF Theresa and I got to scrap this past Sunday and we had a great time. It left me wanting to do more.

I know I haven't posted many scrapping pics lately because of our busy schedule, but I wll be posting this past month's design team projects soon. They turned out really great. But I deleted the pics accidentally and have already turned in my projects. It may be few more days before the pics go up. Maybe this weekend I will go by the shop with the camera and take some pics to post.

My oldest son, Austin, who plays in the Clear Springs High School Charger Band will be finishing up the marching season soon too, (I will blog more about that soon.) and that will free up Friday and Saturday evenings for scrapping too. I can't wait. The holidays are rapidly approaching and we are entering into my most creative season of the year. I am looking forward to blogging more and sharing many of my projects.

Till Next time....
Go Colts!!!
Go Victory Lakes Panthers!
Go Clear Springs Chargers!


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