Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Award...Who Me?

My great blogging friend Jenny just sent me a Fabulously Fabulous Blogging Award.
Thank you Jenny you are just too sweet.

I need to list 5 Favorites:

1. I love the #4 combo at Chuy's Mexican Food Restauant. It is mucho bueno!!! My BFF Theresa and I love to go there every chance we can.

2. I love PRIMA flowers. I am totally and completely addicted. I can not stop buying them.

3. My favorite thing to do is Scrapbook (of course) Are you kidding me? I am so addicted!

4. Dolce & Gabana Light Blue. That is most favorite perfume. I schmels so good!!!

5. My most favorite toy is my camera. It is a Canon 40D and it rocks. I love talking pictures and making memories.

My nominees for this blog award are:



Jenny B in Indy said...

Hmmm.. I wonder if that Chuys place is the place my SIL loves.. She bought us lunch from there one day.. It was a drive thru Mexican restaurant!!

I have the Nikon D40. Love it!!

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