Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heidi needs....

Ok. so one of my best friends Wendy did this really funny post on her blog where she had gone to Google and typed in her name and the word needs (i.e. Heidi needs) and hit search. The results were hysterical. So I thought I would give it a try and I loved it. I had to post the results. It really made my day. You have got to try it. This is so funny and uncannily accurate.

Heidi needs more privacy—Man is that ever the truth. My household is comprised of 4 adults, two teenagers, two dogs and gigantic sucker fish. The only privacy I get is locking myself in the bathroom and even then someone is always banging on the door wanting something. I definitely need more privacy.

Heidi needs to shut-up—Yep that’s me. I say what’s on my mind, usually without thinking. I invented the adage “open mouth insert foot”. I just need to learn to zip it.

Heidi needs one more drink—Wait a minute, I need to three or four more drinks. Didn’t you read the part about the privacy.

Heidi needs to stop—I need to stop buying scrapbooking supplies. Honestly, I have more than I will ever use in a lifetime. But I am so addicted.

Heidi needs a lifeboat—I do need a lifeboat so I can jump off this moving ship and find some privacy on a deserted island. I do have great friends though, and they are definately my lifeboats. I appreciate you more than you know.

Heidi needs prayer—I do need prayer. We all need prayer. Prayer is what brings me peace amid my chaos. It is how I survive.

Heidi needs a break—I need a break from work, I need a break from housework, I need a break from the kids, I need a break from my Mother. I just need a break. Man do I need a break.

Heidi needs a reality check—Wait a minute, I am raising teenagers. Isn’t that a reality check in and of itself.

Heidi needs a new home
—I don’t just need a new home because of all the wear and tear, I need a bigger home. Six people in this house with no closet space well lets just say it is cramped. I really need a house just to store all my scrapping supplies and that would solve much of the problem.

Heidi needs more power and some help—Man is this ever a true statement. Many days I feel like I am in the middle of a loosing battle. If I get one more eye roll from my 14 year old son, I will definately need the power not to strangle him! And yes I need help. More than you could possibly know.

Heidi needs Scrapbooking with Scrap Needs—OH YEAH BABY!!! Now you are talking!!

Thanks Wen for making my day. I loved this little exercise.


Wendy said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun with this! John's was pretty hysterical too!

Connie said...

Too funny. I just had to try it. You can see mine on my blog

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