Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Piece Of NFL History...It Has Arrived

My youngest is THE biggest Indianapolis Colts Fan in the world. Seriously, he is more than obsessed. He is only 11, but let me tell you he is a football genius. I am not kidding. He can tell you who played what Super Bowl in what year, what the score was, who the MVP was, who the quarterback was, who the running back was. He can tell you for each and every Super Bowl that was ever played. He knows all this obscure football trivia and and can almost give you a play by play for each game. Not just the games the Colts played, but rather just about every NFL Team there is. (Grown men, love to quiz him). During football season he watches NFL network every waking hour (that we let him). In the off-season he watches NFL network or ESPN and keeps track of all the teams' training camps and the up and coming players coming out of college. He knows the stats. He has a fantasy team every year and one year even won the Super Bowl in his fantasy league, beating out his Dad. (That was too funny. )

He has played little league football for the last 3 years, playing Center, and his 14 year veteran coach (who played one season with the Houston Oilers) said he was the best center he has ever had. He collects Colts Memorabilia and is working on quiet the collection.

Two years ago he wrote Peyton Manning a letter and Peyton sent him an autographed football card. (I just love Peyton Manning, he is such a great human being.) That was one exciting moment around our house let me tell you. He then proceeded to write Peyton a thank you letter and Peyton sent him an autographed 8x10 black and white glossy that he has proudly framed and is sitting on top of his Colts locker that he got for Christmas.

Well, some of you football fans may know that this year the Indianapolis Colts got a new stadium, The Lucas Oil Stadium and the RCA Dome in Indianapolis was demolished (he watched it on TV and was very sad). Well in light of the new stadium the Colts were offering fans an opportunity to "Buy the Dome" and you can imagine his excitement and persistence when he found out. He seriously wanted in on that deal. So his Dad and I decided that for Christmas we would surprise him. We bought him a piece of home sideline turf from the RCA Dome. It wasn't available to ship until after Christmas so we wrapped up the receipt and put it under the tree with a note that it would arrive sometime after Christmas. He was completely floored when he opened the gift and life around my house hasn't been the same since. Every day he asks "Is it coming today Mom?" Well today was that day. It finally arrived. Let me tell you, this is one excited Colts Fan.

Now some of you might be thinking we are crazy, after all he is just 11, but let me tell you, this boy understands the significance and value of a piece of memorabilia like this. He touched it, caressed it, sniffed it and almost cried. As he was relishing in the moment he made this comment "Mom, do you have any idea how many of football's greatest players have played on this turf?" "Do you understand the history that was made on this turf?" I was dumb founded. "Well Gee Buddy, I don't guess I ever really thought about it in that way." (after all, it's just a piece of nasty stinky turf, okay so I am a football mom, not a football geek). He gave me and Dad a great big hug and said "Thanks Mom, Thanks Dad, this is the best gift ever and today was an awesome day." So, you tell me. Do you think he as an appreciation for this gift or what?

He carried that piece of turf up to his room and spread it out in front of his bed and sat on his bed and stared at it for what would seem like forever. I can only imagine what football highlights are going through his mind right now. And tonight when he sleeps, I know that he will have football dreams of legendary NFL Heroes, running the ball, yard after yard, touchdown after touchdown, tackle after tackle; the crowd cheering all the while in the background. He loves the game. It is in his heart and in his soul. He appreciates that piece of turf.

Now we just have to figure out what the best way would be to display it in his room (which is already wall to wall Colts Memorabilia).

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.


Wendy said...

I will never forget the day he asked to keep my shoes...the ones that I wore walking around the floor of the RCA Dome. He's one super cute kid!

Jenny B in Indy said...

LMBO!! I honestly thought you were joking me.. How hilarious! I am SO going to have to have Doug read this post. LOL
Man, if I would have met you sooner I might have been able to get him something else from that site after it was demolished.

I might have something for him from the game I went to. I'll have to look for it.. Not sure where it is right now.

Peyton IS wonderful. But Tony Dungy and Jeff Saturday ROCK! They are both strong Christians and just the best guys.. definitely great role models.

My only suggestion is maybe a quilt rack that you put up on the wall? Or a curtain rod up on the wall that sticks out enough he could drape it over? I dunno...
I definitely wouldn't keep it on the floor, it could get ruined.

BriteCloud said...

What a great post! I loved learning that about your son. He IS obsessed, isn't he!

He will certainly never forget this Christmas, and it will be a long time before anything tops it.

Anonymous said...

You could put a grommet in two corners and use rope or fishing line to suspend it from his ceiling. (We did this with a large toy military helicopter in my sons' room.)
You could put it at an angle in a corner.
Great gift Heidi! What a sweet and darling son you have!
Laura Sexton

Heidi Mansion said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions. We are working now to get the smell out of the turf. It had a bunch of turf filler (made from old ground up tires) in it that were letting off some really toxic smelling gases. Now that that is fixed we will be looking for a solution for hanging. Hugs, Heidi

Sarah said...

That is so awesome! He looks like a kid in a candy store.... so so excited! Great job Mom!

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