Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I am pretty new to this blogging thing and I really enjoyed this process. Sharing bits and pieces about my life and sharing my scrapping project for all to see is exciting. Everyday I go to my blog and look to see who has commented and I check all my favorite blogs to see what has updated. There is something extremely gratifying in finding that what you have written or posted has been enjoyed by others. I am working hard to post regularly and keep things interesting. The one thing that amazes me is that one of my favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman, gets thousands of hits everyday. I think that is incredible and I would love for my blog to grow to that level of popularity. But how is that done? How do you get the word out about your blog? How do you attract traffic to your blog? Do you do giveaways or advertise (like how would that work?) or do you rely on word of mouth?

So here is the deal. I have this awesome scrapbooking blog candy to giveaway. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Tell me about how you attract traffic to your blog and how your blog went from unknown to frequented by many.
  2. Tell me what you like about MY blog, what you hate about it, what would you like to see? Do you prefer long posts or short posts? Stories or blurbs? More pictures or less? Scrapping news or techniques or both? Be brutally honest.
  3. And finally, please sign up to be one of my blog followers and post a link on your blog about this giveaway.
You have until Sunday, March 8th 6:00PM to leave me comments and a link to your blog after which time I will RANDOMLY pick a winner.

Good Luck to you all and thanks a bunch.


Wendy said...

Hey- I still have that blogging book if you want to read it. It has a lot of good information in that might help you with this.

I will work on getting a post up over at my blog tomorrow. I had a nasty computer virus come through and pretty much destroy my computer. I'm having to do a lot of salvaging right now.

Chelle said...

I dont have very much traffic on my blog. i mostly just use it to post challenge submissions. so i think the only visitors i get are the ones that are checking my submission to their challenge. I prefer short posts, i have quite a few blogs that i try to follow daily and if they all have long posts then i would be sitting here for 4 hours before i knew it. i posted about your giveaway, and i already subscribed to your blog in google reader, but i will start following as soon as im done with this comment.

lizzie said...

omg you are too funny!
i can't wait til tues! ima make some cookies that are super cute! what are you going to make??

Niki_Ray said...

Hello I think you have a beautiful blog!! Love the colors..I dont hate anything..maybe I wish the hippo made I just started a blog a month ago..I got followers slowly but surely I also do RAKs whenever I have a monthly annie..or something silly to celabrate:) Here is my link and I am now a follower :) good luck in your blogging adventures Xoxo NB

Sondra said...

Your site looks professional. I like it. I am new to blogging too and right now I am trying to grow by candy trails. lol Short posts and lots of pics.

BabeCaddy said...

I am still trying to get more traffic to my blog... LOL!! I think your blog is beautiful.. I really like seeing tutorials and creations that others make. I linked you up on my blog candy corner and will become a follower... Thanks.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Don't enter me chica but OMG, I love the ribbon. Cute cute. Some lucky girl is going to be VERY happy!

The only thing I do is post the link to my blog on the sites I'm on and on my Facebook page. I don't get a ton of traffic either. 30-40 hits a day, that's about it. But I really am horrible lately at going to my scrap boards. I try, just life gets in the way and I've spread myself too thin (joined WAY too many). But I would suggest that.. Putting your blog url in your siggie :)

Paisley Petals said...

1. My blog is not frequented by I can't give too much advice. I do get more hits though when I post comments on other's blogs or enter a challenge.

2. I don't hate anything about your blog. I do like that your writing style is professional - good grammer and spelling makes it easier to follow than some other blogs! I personally like a little bit of everything - variety is nice. If you are looking to be more popular, I would suggest tutorials or regularly scheduled posting of products/projects. You could even start your own challenges. A blog that is a good example of this is:

3. I've got you on my blog roll but I'll go follow you & post a link when I'm done with this comment.

Good luck!

pattyb said...

I am new at blogging and my blog looks bad...but I can give you advice on what I like to see. I love the colors of your blog and design. I like short post for most of the time but the occasional rant makes me feel like your human. I like pictures but not a ton at a time. And you can blog about anything, scrapping news, your opinions, giving advice is nice too. Hope you have more traffic.

A Fanciful Life said...

I'm another newbie to blogging having just started mine last month. Knowing absolutely nothing about creating one, I bought the Google Blogger for Dummies book just to help figure out the ins and outs. It had some good info about getting your site recognized by different search engines. However, that in itself does not drive traffic. Sorry I can't be of more help but I'm glad to know there are others in this same spot! I actually really like what you posted today. Good luck to all of us!

Mardi said...

I love your colors and design of your blog. I find that long post take too long to read and I try and visit many blogs. I say to get more peeps to read your blog, you also have to visit and leave comments on blogs. RAKS are always good ways to get people to visit. I love the Pioneer Woman blog, but I have not visited it in quite awhile. Good luck!

Deanna said...

I am new to the whole blog thingy, but I love your inspirational stories! I also love tons of pictures :)

lizzie said...

oh yea i saw it... i got me some wood paper and letters and some cute fabric flowers from it lol i was there when it was being put in the system... it's not really... amazing to me... but some of it is cute... but i'm all about the wood papers lol

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