Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Fly By

I had two very productive weekend a scrapbooking perspective that house is a total wreck but hey I got to scrap! I finished two of my Junkie Design Team assignments and am ready to take on the third. I am determined to get them done early this time. The fact that it is spring break for the kids and that I won't have to help with homework in the evenings AND that my DH begins a stretch of 7 days off starting tomorrow, I just might make my goal. If I finish early I may get to do an extra project or two.

Oh and I have some very EXCITING news to share, but I must wait until it is official. I can give you a little hint though...
Make sure you watch this never know where someone you know might show up. (Big Grin)



Wendy said...

Were you chosen for the MM Design team??? I am dying to know what your news is!!!!!

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