Thursday, December 18, 2008

They Will Always be My Babies

My two boys are growing up way to fast. My oldest, who is now 14, got his football pictures the other day and when I saw them I started crying. I cannot believe how big and how mature he is. It won't be long before the girls are beating down the door and one wisks him away. He is so handsome. It seems like yesterday he was starting kindergarten, now he is in the 8th grade and we are looking ahead to high school. Whew! Where did the time go.

My youngest is 11. He is also growing up fast, but for a little longer he is still my baby. He is somewhere between being a baby and being a teenager. He still has the emotions of a baby, but wants to be more mature like his older brother.

This is a layout that I did a few weeks ago. These photos were taken around 2000. These are the cute baby faces that are forever embedded in my mind. This is the way I will always think of my babies...even if they are almost grown up and know everything!


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